TabLock Screen

American Pan® TabLock Baking Screens are constructed using a tab-lock attachment system* for easy and economical replacement of baking screens.


*Patent pending in US and EU

The high strength steel frame also features an interlocking rib design that allows pans to stack while protecting the baking screen.

Get started with your custom orderQuickly and easily replace baking screens without drilling and in a fraction of the time of traditional riveted/welded trays

Eliminate rivet scratching, metal shavings and potential food safety hazardEliminate shipping and long lead times since pans do not need to ship back and forth to service center

Versatility of pan allows baker to replace screens with different style if needed. Fluted, flat, and moulded screens can all be used on the same frame


Flat trays can be configured with solid or perforated screens in any size.


Fluted trays are totally custom from the size and number of flutes, to the overall size and screen perforation.


Bun and roll trays are perfect for integration with industrial oven systems. Moulds of any size and configuration are available.


Perforated moulds can be seamed into a solid panel to provide crusty rolls in a precise size.Baking Screen is attached to the frame using TabLock Design (patent pending) to allow for easy and economical replacement of baking screens

No rivets, no drills, no metal shavings and no need to ship to a service center for replacementExclusive installation and removal tools designed for fast and simple replacement of baking screens (most screens can be changed in less than one minute)

Compatible with all industrial baking systems

Suitable for heavy duty industrial applications

Optional Features

Our pans are engineered to meet the specific manufacturing and product needs of your bakery. From special frame designs for industrial systems to trays of any size, we’re here to make sure you get the highest quality, longest lasting pan in the industry.


Material Options

Baguette panel is available solid or in perforation pattern or size

Available as flat screen or with moulds (fluted), flat or rounded bottoms

Stainless steel, aluminum or aluminized steel frames and screens

Ease of Use

Interlocking Rib Design in allows pans to stack and also protects the baking screen to increase pan life

Pan size and mould configuration all to customer specifications